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Comet Consulting Group d.o.o winner of the Annual Award "TOP ENERGY"

Comet Consulting Group d.o.o winner of the Annual Award "TOP ENERGY"

Encouraged by the overall results in the first decade of the joint efforts off all participants, the Business Pool and the Council of the International Forum for Clean Energy Technologies (Forum), and bearing in mind the need to particularly highlight the superior and affirmative results of the work on projects in the energy sector, as well as to present in the best possible way the new breakthroughs in the application of clean technologies to the general public, in 2016, a decision was made to establish the Annual Award "TOP ENERGY" for special achievements in the field of energy.

The Annual prize, which is awarded for project especialness, inventiveness, innovativeness and business courage, was presented to the CEO of Comet Consulting Group by the minister of mining and energy Aleksandar Antić and dr Tihomir Simić, chairman and organizer of the panel to highlight an example, which should be followed.

Beside Comet Consulting Group Ltd, the annual award Top energy for extraordinary achievement in the field of energetic was assigned also to the companies MK Fintel Wind and BK Dana Holding.

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