The Comet Fuel Saving and Fleet Management System

The Comet fuel saving and fleet management system (CFSS) is the perfect solution for reducing the overall transportation and stuff costs and a powerful tool in the hands of company management.

CFSS implementation guarantees fuel costs reduction and simplyfies planing, monitoring and fine tuning of different cost-affecting functions. That is accomplished by combined action of following components:

  1. The CS fuel homogenisation and reformulation unit – a compact catalyst device that enables better fuel combustion, resulting in permanent fuel consumption reduction
  2. The CS fuel tank control unit – prevents unauthorised fuel transfer
  3. The CS tracking unit – enables real time GPS vehicle tracking; may include panic button and/or black box options.
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The CS Catalyst Unit (CSCU) is a non-mechanical, maintenance free device. It is installed within the fuel line, between the fuel tank and the engine. The inside of CSCU consists of a patented mixture of metallic alloys that, when exposed to any hydrocarbon-based fuel, constructively modifies molecular sequence and structure of that fuel, resulting in more efficiant combustion and consequently respectable energy savings.

When properly installed, CSCU deliveres fuel efficiency improvement of at least 5% for gas fuels and at least 12% improvement for liquid fuels; reduces greenhouse gas emission up to 60%; extends maintenance intervals and cuts affiliated costs; prolongs motor oil life and life of motor itself.

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In selected fleet vehicle a compact yet robust CS tracking unit (CSTU) is installed in a way that it does not change neither vehicle’s enterier nor engine performance. This device uses GPS system for vehicle location and GSM network for real time data transfer to head office. Different fleet management functions, such as vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), routing, dispatching, speed and fuel management, driving behavior (itinerary, detours and stops), various on-board information or security status, can be monitored and fine-tuned.

Warranty on CSTU functionality expands over the entire period defined by contract. Technical support and crew training are included.

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CFSS implementation also brings following advantages:

  • Acurate fuel level tracking for theft prevention and fuel consumption evidention and planing
  • Transport optimisation through the control of given tasks, routes, locations and deadlines
  • Mileage, itinerer and engine hours reading in any time interval, thus reducing administration costs
  • SMS warning / e-mail report if wehicle leaves predefined route or is used out of business hours, thus preventing vehicle misuse or theft
  • Overtime costs reduction
  • In the case of emergency – by using the panic button in emergency situations a command center is instantly alarmed
  • In case of traffic accidents a report is sent containing precise vehicle GPS location, sensors status and impact speed. Genetared data analysis enables an accident reconstruction
  • When vehicle alarm is activated, a built-in device alerts the client by sending a sms message or by making a telephone call.

Guaranteed savings in a system with strictly controlled fuel consumption are minimum 5 %, while our best result so far was fuel savings of 27 %.

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